General Info


Total cost $1750

Cost Covers:

Payment Options

Family Commitment Fee Package (Due February 1, 2020) – $500  

Payment Options After Initial Deposit (All payments are due on the 1st of each month):

  • One-Time Payment of $1250
  • 6 month payment plan – $209/month 
  • 9 month payment plan – $156/month (includes 12% interest)



Two scheduled practices per week


All players have goals. We want to help them see their goals through. That takes developing. We look for kids who come from good families that understand that playing involves more than just the game. The player has to be willing to work on his/her game individually, weight/agility train and have a proper diet to develop properly.

Class and Dignity

Whether we win or lose, the expectation is for the player & parents to have class during games and practice. This is not to say that you shouldn’t be a fan but we also should be able to celebrate fair play and competition.

Be Coachable

We look for players who are coachable. Being coachable is not just saying “ok” to the coaches request but also applying what has been explained. 

TBC Team Play

Teams are a very hard thing to construct especially when it comes to spring and summer basketball. If you have spoken to us, you have a quality that we think can help the team.